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What Would Kenzi Wear?



8 Gifs Per Episode: Lost Girl
Kenzi Malikov (1x01)

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Sweater (see more shirts tops)


Lost Girl costumes - Kenzi or Bo

Requested bellanarosetw


Mini Kenzi Meme ♦ 4/4 - Scenes/Quotes

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Kenzi Fan Chat page up and running!

Hey guys, so I officially have 3 kenzi fan chat topics up! Reblog/participate this page really all depends on you guys keepin’ it goin!

Message me some suggestions for chats if you have any ideas and I will make them :)

Hope you guys enjoy it :D

Kenzi Fan Chat #3: What do you want to tell Syfy?

Syfy reblogged me once so you never know. They could be paying attention :)

Use this chat to reblog and post ideas/suggestions for the show/kenzi/kenzi’s style etc.,


I’ll start. I would love to see more of kenzi malikov’s russian heritage pulled into her style. They did a little bit of it on her engagement night and I just thought that was fantastic.

I’d also love to see her hook up with Vex but end up with Dyson.

Oh, and I really hope that they keep her and Tamsin’s girl power r-ship. It is so 90’s and I just love it.

Kenzi Fan Chat #2: Kenzi and Dyson

Sooo What is going on with those two? They obvi have chemistry. In my opinion they have waaaay more than dyson and bo…tbh I really want bo to end up with a girl.

I feel like kenzi has already lost sooo much in terms of hale and her other bf’s and now she may/may not be dead? It would be amazing if her and dyson could end up together. I loved seeing their r-ship play out on screen.

So lost girl fans, what are your thoughts on kenzi/dyson?

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